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An individual does not become addicted, there are a series of events that take place before it happens. These series of events are referred to as the abusive stage. During this phase, the individual abuses either a substance or a behavior.

Only few people come out of the abusive phase whole and do not get addicted, while most people leave the abusive phase and become addicted.

The concept of an abuse is fulfilled when a particular substance or behavior is taken or done repeatedly. Basically, the individual finds joy in taking that substance or performing that act.

During this time, the reward center of the brain is developing to the point where the individual is pleased with whatever he or she does.

During the abusive phase, if the individual is stopped by someone who is concerned about that case, then there is a likely chance that he or she would stop the abusive act.

For adults who are currently addicted, some of them must have started abusing from a young age, and the act developed into a full blown addiction.

One of the ways to put an end to the development of addiction is to stop abuse. When people see an abusive act as an escape route, then a full-blown addiction is imminent.

If you see someone who uses a particular substance or behavior to deal with unpleasant emotions, then the individual is on the verge of addiction.

It is important to stop an abuse before it gets to the addiction stage. At this phase, people who are abuse can still be talked to and advised, and there is a high possibility that they will take to your advice. Because when it gets to the addiction stage, it can be worse than it seems.

An abuse in motion could be responsible for the awkward way an individual behaves, so it is best to understand them. It is also essential to tolerate people who abuse substances and behaviors, and also aid them in seeking help that would make them better.


Substance abuse affects both the young and old, it is what follows before addiction sets in. So, anyone who is currently addicted has either abused substances or a behavior.

Substance abuse is dangerous as it has the capacity to wreak havoc on the lives of people who indulge in it. Globally, the common substances that people fall victim for are alcohol and drugs.

There are various problems associated with substance abuse which include physical and mental health problems. It becomes worse if the individual continues to revel in the abuse being unaware of the fact that much damage is being done to their entire wellbeing.

One of the major effects of substance abuse is damage to physical health. People who indulge in substance abuse are putting their organs at great risk. This is because, these organs have a specific mode of operation and function.

The introduction of certain substances into the body system can modify how they operate. Some of these organs would operate less, thereby resulting in a decline in productivity, while others would over-function.

Usually, the end result is distasteful because the individual runs helter-skelter seeking help from various healthcare providers.

In addition, substance abuse also causes great damage to the mental health. This implies that people who indulge in substance abuse are likely to have anxiety, depression and a host of others.

Often times, these mental health problems are associated with physical health problems. This results in a complicated case that becomes difficult to handle.

People who abuse substances often lose focus in life if they are not careful. Only few of them are fortunate to make headways in life. This is true because, at the beginning, substance abuse seems to be fun with no bad happenings in sight. However, in the mid-term and long-term, it gets worse.

Refraining from substance abuse is one of the best decisions that an individual can make. If it is difficult to decide on this, it is a great idea to see a counselor or an addiction therapist who would provide you with assistance.



In every country, substance abuse is prevalent. Although, it is at varying rates, the effect which it has on the populace of each country, are similar when compared to one another.

Below are the few reasons why people are hooked on substance abuse

  • They think it eases suffering: Now, this is one of the myths which people have about drugs and alcohol. A good number of them are of the opinion that once you take drugs or alcohol, whatever mental illness you have, be it depression, anxiety and the likes, would subside. However, the fact is, the effect is ephemeral, with time, the mental illness returns in full force.

It is understandable that mental illness is a huge burden to bear, and that people would give anything to ensure that they are relieved of pain, it should be noted that drugs and alcohol cannot provide a permanent relief.

People who have mental illness find it hard to visit a doctor. Hence, they turn to drugs or alcohol in order to find a solution to the problem themselves.

  • Community pressure: By community pressure, it means that the family, friends, the social media and the likes, also have a part to play in the life of someone who is addicted. When an individual sees that people around them use such substances and they are seemingly okay, they feel it is the best move, hence, they put them to use. Research has shown that individuals whose families have a history of substance addiction, are more likely to come down with addiction, than those whose families have no history of addiction.
  • To relieve boredom: For some people, the reason why they got hooked on drugs and alcohol, is because they sought ways on how to dismiss boredom. This is very common in teenagers and young adults. Since they hardly go through much stress than the older generation, it is easy for them to get bored, and the desire to try something different sets in.
  • To relieve stress: This reason applies to the older generation. Our world is one which is full of various forms of challenges which individuals have to face on a regular basis. These challenges induce stress, and the way which most people have resorted to, in a bid to challenge this stress, is to take drugs and alcohol.